99 Names of Allah: Al-Malik

“He is Allah, besides Whom there is no god, the King” (59:23), ain’t it time we all get to know the King? The Arabic word ‘Mulk’ means the ability to dispose of things, for Allah, this includes the ability to dispose [...]


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99 Names of Allah: Al-Mutakabbir


“He is Allah, except Whom there is no God; the King, the Pure, Peace, the Bestower of Safety, the Guardian, the Majestic, the Compeller, the Proud (the Supreme); Purity is to Allah from all what they ascribe as partners to Him” (59:23). Allah is Al-Mutakabbir, i.e.the Proud, the Supreme& the Superb;a quality, which attributed to humans automatically becomes an imperfection.

Allah is Al-Mutakabbir, when He SWT desires a thing, His command is “Be!” and it is, so what are all those humans bragging about?! Al-Mutababbir is the One Whose Sovereignty never perishes and nothing happens except by His will,so could there be any Mutakabbir but Allah? Al-Mutakabbir is the One Whose Divine Sublimity is Infinite, and Divine Greatness is absolute; He is none but Allah.

Allah is Perfect in His own Divine Self, He is Perfect in His Attributes, and He is Perfect in His Acts; hence He is Al-Mutakabbir! Hence, in the Qudsi Hadith Allah says “I hate the arrogant, and My Hatred for a poor arrogant one is greater”;what are you bragging about? And this is why the prophet SAW taught us that “He who has an atom weight of arrogance shall never be admitted into Paradise” [Muslim].

If this beautiful name of Allah, Al-Mutakabbir, should remind you of one thing, it is that you are a “SLAVE” and Allah is your Lord! So make no mistake about it, if you rival with Allah concerning His Pride, He will destroy you; and it’s as simple as “Be!” and it is!

Now let us listen carefully to the teacher of mankind SAW as he teaches us about Allah, Al-Mutakabbir. He SAW said “He who humbles himself to Allah one degree, Allah raises him (in honor) one degree, until He makes him among the most honorable. And he who shows one degree of arrogance to Allah, Allah degrades him one degree,until He makes him among the lowest of the low”- [Ibn Majah].

When the prophet SAW conquered Mecca, he entered it with a bowed head out of modesty and humbleness to Allah.Because Allah is Al-Mutakabbir! The universe has more than a million-million galaxies; each having more than a million-million stars. What are you bragging about?! Al-Mutakabbir created light, which takes one second to cross from the earth to the moon & eight minutes from the earth to the sun! Allah!

“So I swear by the setting places of the stars * And that is indeed a tremendous oath, if you understand” (56:75-76). He is Al-Mutakabbir!

You cannot see Allah with your own human eyes, but this universe is a clear manifestation of Allah’s Beautiful Divine Names and Attributes. Why at extreme low temperatures of -35 degrees or lower, your eyes don’t freeze?! Al-Mutakabbir equipped them with an anti-freeze liquid! “Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day are signs for the intelligent” (3:190).

Are you aware that the human heart pumps eight cubic meters of blood per day?! And you don’t even control that so what are you bragging about?! Tell me poor arrogant human, what do you do when a severe earthquake hits your city? It’s nothing but a mild reminder from Al-Mutakabbir!

They built the best space shuttle in history and gave it the arrogant name of “Challenger”. Seventy seconds after its launch, it exploded and burnt!

Are you aware that if a drop of blood clots in a certain part of your brain, you would be paralyzed forever? What are you bragging about?!

If you know Al-Mutakabbir, you would be dutiful only to Him, and hence you’d become dear to Him.If you know Al-Mutakabbir, you would put all your trust in Him, and hence He SWT would make you the most powerful of all mankind. If you know Al-Mutakabbir, you would notice that while you are soundly and comfortably asleep, He SWT controls breathing for you!

Al-Mutakabbir is the Sublime, the Supreme, none but Allah; a name reflecting His Divine Perfection. So don’t you dare approach there!

99 Names of Allah: Al-Jabbar


“He is Allah, except Whom there is no God; the King, the Pure, Peace,the Guardian, the Protector, the Most Honorable, the Compeller”  (59:23). Allah is the Compeller, Al-Jabbar, a word in Arabic which, when applied to objects, means gigantic or too high to reach. The same word “Jabbar”, when applied to humans, means tyranny, arrogance and unjust. And when applied to Allah, Al-Jabbar means the One Who cannot possibly be perceived by minds, seen by eyes nor attained by minds.

Al-Jabbar also means the One Who consoles and comfort others. Actually the verb ‘Jabara’ in Arabic means setting broken things. Al-Jabbar is therefore the One Who enriches the poor, consoles the weak, gives the needy and graces the lowly; none but Allah! 

Al-Jabbar is also the One Who compels His slaves to do as He SWT pleases, i.e. you will and I will, but Allah does what He wills; Al-Jabbar. Pharoah killed every newborn boy to protect his kingdom, yet Al-Jabbar protected Musa AS (Moses) until he destroyed Pharaoh and his kingdom.

Youssef’s AS (Joseph) brothers plotted every trick to get rid of him, yet Al-Jabbar willed that he becomes Ruler of Egypt; and He did!

Ibrahim’s AS (Abraham) people made the greatest fire of all to burn him, yet Al-Jabbar willed that nature changes to protect him, and He did.

If you know Al-Jabbar, you wouldn’t fear or humiliate yourself to anyone but Allah, as none deserves to be feared or besought but Him. Consequently, a Muslim, who truly knows Al-Jabbar, is never a tyrant or an oppressor, but rather kind and generous, fearing Al-Jabbar!

99 Names of Allah: Al-Aziz


“He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names, whatever is in the heavens and on earth, does declare His Praises and Glory: and He is the Mighty, the Wise” (59:24). He is Allah, Al-Aziz, i.e. the All-Mighty, the Exalted in Might and the Most Honorable. “If you punish them, then indeed they are Your slaves; and if you forgive them, then indeed You only are the Mighty, the Wise” (5:118).

Unlike humans, Al-Aziz, is the One who is “never” blamed for forgiving His slaves. He the Mighty and the Wise! Read that verse again! Al-Aziz means that the like of Whom is none and equal to Whom is none. Al-Aziz is Unique and nothing is like Him. Allah is Al-Aziz, i.e. the One Who overpowers and is never overpowered. “And Allah has full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not” (12:21). He is Al-Aziz! Al-Aziz has “full” power beyond your imagination, so just surrender to Him, obey Him, rely on Him, trust in Him and LOVE Him.

Al-Aziz is derived from the Arabic word ’Ezzah’, which means reinforce and make stronger.Hence, Allah is the Mighty and Forceful. Al-Aziz is also the One Who grants power and honor to His slaves; something you will “never” get elsewhere! Please read carefully “O Allah! Lord of Power, You give power to whom You please, and You strip off power from whom You please, You give honor to whomever You will, and You humiliate whomever You will” (3:26). This is Al-Aziz; trust in Him, and you’ll never regret.

Al-Aziz is the One Who is too Rare, so badly needed, and too difficult to reach; being a Muslim, Al-Aziz is close to you! What a blessing! No one whosoever in this world is needed by all humans and all creatures except Allah; this is why He is Al-Aziz, and the Only One so! Whether they like it or not, accept it or not, believe or not, all creatures need Allah because their survival depend on Him. Al-Aziz! Read carefully “Allah, none is worthy of worship except Him, He is Alive (eternally) and the Upholder (keeps others established)” (3:2).

Al-Aziz means the Unique, the One and Only, Whom everything needs for everything, Who is impossible to be encompassed. Al-Aziz is the One Whose Graces and Blessings can not be properly enumerated or conceived. Look around you for a living proof! Al-Aziz is the One Whose Perfection and Beauty can’t be described by human tongues. Keep trying and you’d only drown in His oceans of Majesty.

If you know Al-Aziz, you’d see no might nor honor except His Honor, no power except His Power and no wisdom except His Wisdom. Listen carefully to your Lord, Al-Aziz, in this beautiful Qudsi Hadith: “O son of Adam! Seek Me, for if you find Me, you find everything, but if you miss Me, you miss everything; and I am more beloved to you than everything” [Qudsi Hadith].

Al-Aziz is the One you pray to, and He repels evil from you, casts your love in the hearts of people and softens the hearts of your enemies. Al-Aziz is the One Whose Gates of mercy and blessings are never closed and Who is angered if you don’t ask Him, while others push you away! He who truly knows Al-Aziz will belittle everything else, for he knows that Al-Aziz is the One Who grants honor and dignity to everything. He who knows Al-Aziz is aware that no matter how hard people try, no one can raise your rank but Him; and none could degrade it but Him. He who knows Al-Aziz realizes that there’s only one thing which brings him honor; that is obeying Him; disobeying Him instantly dishonors. “Whoever desires honor; therefore all honor belongs to Allah!” (35:10), so where else are you seeking honor away from Al-Aziz?!

Be careful regarding honor for AlAziz says “But honor belongs to Allah and His Messenger,and to the Believers;but the Hypocrites know not” (63:8). Think of Joseph AS if you want. They wanted him dead, a slave and a prisoner; but Allah wanted him king. So who won? Al-Aziz! The most honorable man history ever knew happens to have died 14 centuries ago! Who raised Muhammed SAW to this rank? Al-Aziz did!

Al-Aziz has made it crystal clear “and he whom Allah disgraces, there is none to give him honour; indeed Allah may do whatever He wills” (22:18).

99 Names of Allah: Al-Muhaymin


Allah is Al-Muhaymin, i.e. the Observer and the Witness, Who knows all secrets and what is even more secretive than secrets. Al-Muhaymin knows the deception of the eyes and what the breasts conceal. He sees all things, both hidden and seen, and what lies behind them.

In life, there are people who know but lack the power to do things right, and there are others who have the power but lack the knowledge. Allah, Al-Muhaymin, is the Only One Who is able to fulfill people’s benefits from the view-points of both, knowledge and power.

Al-Muhaymin is with you if you travel, protecting and supporting you; and at the same time, He SWT is at home protecting your family and kids. Some people wrongly claim that they got both knowledge and power. Well, how about knowledge of future events? Al-Muhaymin knows it all!

“But Allah knows all that is in the heavens and on earth: He has full knowledge of all things” (49:16). He is Al-Muhaymin!

“They do not have any supporter besides Him; and He does not associate anyone in His command” (18:26). He is Al-Muhaymin.

Al-Muhaymin also means that Allah is the Trustworthy Protector. Since He knows everything about His slaves, He’s their Best Protector. “Therefore Allah is the Best Protector; and He is More Merciful than all those who show mercy” (12:64). He is Al-Muhaymin. If you know Al-Muhaymin, He will make you victorious, will make your words truthful and will make your belief rightly guided. “Fear not: for I am with you, All Hearing and All Seeing” (2.:46).This is your Lord, Al-Muhaymin. Know Him, and you shall never know fear.

And when Abraham was thrown in the fire, “We said: O fire, become cool and peaceful upon Ibrahim” (21:69). This is Al-Muhaymin!

“And We inspired the mother of Moses: Suckle him; then when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear nor grieve” (28:7). Moses’ mother did what might appear as the most foolish thing by throwing him in the river, but because she knew Al-Muhaymin, it was not!

“And remember Jonah, when he left in anger, assuming that We would not restrict him. he therefore called out in the realms of darkness saying: There is no God except You, Purity is to You;I have indeed committed a lapse” (21:87), so Al-Muhaymin rescued him from three darkness. “We therefore heard his prayer and rescued him from grief; and similarly We shall rescue those who have faith” (21:88). Al-Muhamin!

Al-Muhaymin dominates over and disposes with all things. Everything is under His Divine Control and nothing is left unheeded or neglected. Your knowledge of Al-Muhaymin will cut off your hopes for anyone but Him; and will make you beseech none but Him. “So fear Allah and maintain friendship among yourselves; and obey Allah and His Noble Messenger, if you have faith” (8:1)!

Al-Muhaymin dominates over all things, so once and for all, just trust in Him! And you shall never regret.

99 Names of Allah: Al-Mu’min


“He is Allah, except Whom there is no God, the King, the Pure, the Giver of Peace, the Bestower of Safety” (59:23). Allah’s name Al-Mu’min (the Believer) is taken from believing or being safe, and by His mercy, He derived the name “believers” from it. Therefore, if you know Al-Mu’min, you’ll be rightly guided, have right vision, clear insight and correct interpretation of events.

Al-Mu’min’s words in the Quran make you believe Him because His deeds are indications of His words. He is Allah! Al-Mu’min created steel with fixed hard features, so that when it’s mixed with cement and a building is constructed, you feel safe inside. Al-Mu’min made the earth move with a speed of 30 kilometers per second with great tranquility, so life could be possible on it.

Al-Mu’min means the Bestower of Safety and the Guardian of Faith. One way of seeing this is that by feeling safe your faith is guarded. Hence, earthquakes are nothing but a reminder for all those who deny Al-Mu’min, the Bestower of Safety and the Guardian of Faith, Allah! Al-Mu’min made the sun “always” rise from the east and set in the west for thousands of years, so we may safely calculate time. Hence, the day the sun rises from the west, it will all be over as it will mark the end of time, the thought of it is simply horrifying. Consequently, the core difference between a believer and a non-believer, is the feeling of security. And where is this from? Al-Mu’min!

A believer’s heart is filled with stability, acceptance of fate, knowledge of his Creator’s perfection;and where is this from? Al-Mu’min! If you know Al-Mu’min, rest assured that He will defend you, bestow you, assure you & above all, secure you. He is the Bestower of Safety. Al-Mu’min gave you the eyes to see your way, and the ears to discover movements around you, and feel secure. He is the Bestower of Safety!

To live by Allah’s name Al-Mu’min be a source of security for others, and never a source of damage, hurt, conspiracy or deception. If a sister has a marriage prospect, make sure he knows what Al-Mu’min means. Because if he does, he’d never oppress, disgrace or hit her. The prophet said “The Muslim is the one whom Muslims are secured from his tongue and his hand”[Tirmidhi]; and you get this from Al-Mu’min.

Serve others, sacrifice, praye, fast, and Al-Mu’min, the Bestower of Safety will secure you, not just in this life,but in the other as well. He is Allah, the King of all kings, He is Al-Mu’min, the Believer, yet He allowed you to call yourself a believer too. What an honor!

99 Names of Allah: Al-Salaam


“Allah is He, than Whom there is no other god, the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace (and Perfection)” (59:23). Allah is Al-Salaam, the Source of Peace, Safety and Perfection. It also means that Allah SWT is Free from any kind of defect. “Al-Salaam” is Free from any kind of defect, His Attributes free from any kind of imperfection, and His Acts free from any kind of evil. “Al-Salaam” is the Giver of safety to His slaves. There is no safety in this world except that which is attributed to Allah; Al-Salaam.

When a human bone is broken, cells which hibernated for years, wake up and get cemented for recovery. This is a demonstration of Al-Salaam. The small apparatus that Allah placed in our ears, giving orders to the brain to keep the body balanced, is a demonstration of Al-Salaam. The nerves inside our teeth warn us of decay and drive us to seek treatment before we lose them all, is a demonstration of Al-Salaam. Our body immunity system, which fights enemy germs and viruses, while we are completely unconscious, is another demonstration of Al-Salaam.

All muscles of the body get orders from the brain, except the heart; it has a backup system, which work immediately in case of any failure. If we amputate both kidneys and leave only 1/10th of either, it is enough to purify our whole blood, because Allah is Al-Salaam. When we starve, our body consumes the fats stored in it, then in the muscles, leaving only bones and flesh; this is a sign of Al-Salaam. The liquid between your brain and your skull has been designed by Al-Salaam to absorb all shocks, protecting the brain from harm or injury. The womb is located in the geometrical center of a woman’s body,the eyes inside the eye-socket and the heart inside the chest. Al-Salaam!

If a tree lacks water, it starts consuming the water of its leaves, then its twigs, then its branches, then its trunk, finally its roots. If the order was reversed, the tree would start by consuming the water of its roots, and hence would die in a couple of weeks. Who placed this sophisticated water consumption system inside trees? Al-Salaam did, i.e. the Source of Peace, Safety and Perfection.

Unplanted seeds resist death for thousands of years, otherwise, many crops would’ve disappeared by now. But Al-Salaam preserved them for us. Wheat seeds were found in the pyramids of Egypt. When planted and watered, they grew up just like seeds. Al-Salaam preserved them for us.

If water contracted when it freezes (just like any other substance), it would sink in oceans, evaporation would stop and life would end! But Al-Salaam, the Source of peace, safety and perfection decreed that water expands when it freezes, and hence floats and evaporates. And with evaporation comes rain, and with rain plants grow, so that we – His slaves – nourish and survive. Now listen carefully people!

“By oath of the heaven which gives the returning rain.And by oath of the earth which splits (with the growth of trees and plants)” (86:11-12).

“Verily, We created all things have in proportion and measure” (54:49). This is your Lord, Al-Salaam!

“Say: Praise be to Allah, and Peace on his servants whom He has chosen”(27:59), He is Al-Salaam, the Source of Peace, Safety and Perfection.

He is Al-Salaam, He confers His peace upon His slaves; He is The Provider of safety to the believers. He is Allah, your Lord! If you remember Him, fear is replaced by peace, loneliness by satisfaction and disturbance by tranquility. He is Al-Salaam, the Source of Peace.

99 Names of Allah: Al-Quddous


Do you know that what is printed worldwide on a single day, in just one language, takes more than 200 years to be read? Consequently, one has to be “very” selective in their readings, otherwise, they’d read useless stuff and miss all that’s important. And when you know that at the end of this life you’ll be taking the one and only exam which matters, then you gotta be even more selective.

Islam teaches us that we’re all equal, except in piety; and where does piety come from? From sincere intention to know Allah. So as far as Islam is concerned, being selective in what you read means that knowing Allah is the most important topic of your life. You probably already know that He is your Creator, your Lord, the One True God, but He is also Al-Quddous, the Holy One.

“He is Allah. There is no god but Him, the King, the Holy One (Al-Quddous)” (59:23). Al-Quddous in Arabic denotes holiness and purity. Al-Quddous is free from whatever qualities of perfection your mind might think of, for He is far above them all. Al-Quddous is free from any attributes or qualities that any human brain can ever absorb, imagine or think of. A man who thinks he’s knowlegeable once asked a scholar “Don’t you sometimes miss or yearn for Allah?”. The scholar instantly answered “No! Never! I take refuge with Allah! When was He then away from me so that I yearn for Him?!”.

“O people! You are dependant on Allah; and Allah only is the Independent (Absolute, Not Needing Anything), the Most Praiseworthy” (35:15). This is Al-Quddous, Pure from all needs, Self-Sufficient, Whom creatures need, and Who is free from all imperfection! “Al-Quddous” is He Who is not confined by place or worn out by time. No human mind could ever imagine or conceive Him; Al-Quddous is the One Who sanctifies the souls of His dutiful and obedient slaves from sins and misdeeds, and purifies their hearts.

The closer you get to Al-Quddous, the more kind-hearted you become and the more pure your heart gets, as it is filled with love for Allah. The closer you get to Al-Quddous, the more He purifies your heart from love of the present world, and fill it with love for Jannah. The closer you get to Al-Quddous, the more confident you are in that which is in Allah’s Hands than that which is in your own hands.

If you want to know Al-Quddous, purify yourself from desires and caprices, your wealth from dubious dealings and your time from sin. If you want to know Al-Quddous, do not humble yourself except to Allah, and do not stand in submission except before Allah. And rest assured that if you put your honor and trust in someone who passes away, then your honor and trust will likewise pass away. If you want to know Al-Quddous, never magnify any creature in your heart, instead, your heart should have only magnified Allah. And if your heart has already magnified Al-Quddous, you wouldn’t care less about earthly things, which are given or taken away from you.

Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, never regretted a thing he missed in this world, simply because he knew Al-Quddous. If you know Al-Quddous, you should double up your efforts until Al-Quddous purifies your heart from every impurity and defect. And if Al-Quddous purifies your heart, you’d be able to turn to Him with true love, sincere devotion and truthful obedience at all times. If you know Al-Quddous, you’d abstain from looking at unlawful things; in return, Al-Quddous would open your insight to the truth.

He who knows Al-Quddous will be rewarded with brightness on the face and lightness in the heart; let alone being loved by others. He who knows Al-Quddous would protect his senses from sin when he’s young; Al-Quddous would then protect them for him in his old age.

Purify your heart from all that which displeases Allah, and Al-Quddous would shower you with blessings and fill your heart with Imaan.

99 Names of Allah: Al-Malik


“He is Allah, besides Whom there is no god, the King” (59:23), ain’t it time we all get to know the King? The Arabic word ‘Mulk’ means the ability to dispose of things, for Allah, this includes the ability to dispose of earthly kings. In a Qudsi Hadith Allah SWT says “I am the King of kings, and the Owner of kings. The hearts of kings are in My Hand” [Authentic], this is Al-Malik!

Al-Malik, Allah, owns everything that could be owned, including kings themselves. All those kings and presidents you see, rule but none of them owns anything. Al-Malik, Allah, is the only ruler and owner of this universe. You think you own a house, a car, or even your own self, but even that isn’t true. When the angel of death knocks, you’d realize you don’t. Everything you own will get back to your Lord the moment you die, and everything in this universe on Resurrection Day. He is Al-Malik.

All those kings you see, claim power and authority, yet even the air they breathe belongs to Allah, Al-Malik, the King of the this universe. The real king is one who is loved by “all” his followers, not out of benefits, but out of belonging; and that is Al-Malik, Allah. So do you really want to have your own kingdom? Then seek it from Al-Malik in the HereAfter!

In this world, Al-Malik makes kings both those whom He loves and those He doesn’t; but in the Hereafter, it’s only for those whom He loves. In this world, Allah gives houses to both those He loves and those He doesn’t; but in the Hereafter, the palaces are for His special ones. In here, Allah raises both those He loves and those He doesn’t; but in the Hereafter, He only raises those He loves and humiliates all others.

One of the greatest signs of Al-Malik, is His decree that a disbeliever gives birth to a believer and vice versa. Allah SWT asked the prophet SAW to “Say: I have no power to benefit or hurt myself, except what Allah wills” (7:188). It’s a matter of time, you either see the truth now before facing death, or you return to Allah and realize it when it’s too late. And the truth is that there’s no god, and not king in this universe except Al-Malik; to Whom we all belong, and to Whom we shall return. The difference is that the smart ones will see the truth in this world, while others see it with other ignorant people on Judgement Day. So if you truly know Al-Malik, the King, you’d never disobey Him in His kingdom. And if you sin,you’d rush to repent in sorrow and regret.

A righteous man once attracted to a beautiful woman, who smiled to him, but he sought help from Allah. In that same night he dreamed of prophet Yusuf AS, and told him “Praise to Allah because He protected you from the wife of the Al-Aziz”. So in the dream prophet Yusuf AS replied to him “And Praise to Allah because He protected you from the woman you saw today!” This is a man, who realized he’s living in the kingdom of Al-Malik. And that is how Allah rewarded him.

Make Al-Malik (ALLAH) your only king, and the whole world will be at your service, for it’s controlled by the King of kings.

Husband’s Rights in Islam – Part 2


The fourth husband’s right in Islam is to control who enters the house and who does not. However, this shouldn’t be abused! The prophet SAW said “that she (the wife) should not admit anyone to his house except with his permission” [Bukhari & Muslim]. Now some husbands abuse this right by telling the wife that he doesn’t like her parents, when Islam teaches that they’re his parents too!

A second category of husbands require the wife to take his permission for every single person entering the house; you can’t be serious! What’s meant in the Hadith is that if the wife already knows that her husband doesn’t like a particular person, then she can’t allow them in. As for other men, it goes by default that no wife can allow any non-Mahram man in if she’s alone at the house.

The fifth husband’s right in Islam is that the wife may not leave the house without his permission, which is another abused right nowadays. When addressing the prophet’s wives in the Quran, Allah SWT said: “And stay in your homes and do not display yourselves like the ways of the time of ignorance” (33:33). Scholars are unanimous that what applies to the prophet’s wives, applies to every other wife in Islam; and hence she should seek permission.

Yet again, this doesn’t mean that the wife is a home prisoner at the husband’s mercy, for abusing this right has nothing to do with Islam. The wife should be allowed to leave the house to pray, seek knowledge, shop,etc. there is no question or difference among scholars about it. The misconception that the wife was only created to serve her husband and his children is simply wrong; that’s just her 1st responsibility. And if the wife is too consumed taking care of the house, then it’s the husband’s responsibility to take her out at least once a week!

The sixth husband’s right Islam is that of housework, yet many scholars are of the opinion that this not entirely a right but a custom. Whether a right or a custom, many husbands forget that the prophet SAW used to help his wives with house chores!

The seventh husband’s right in Islam is to be thanked, which is yet another proof that he carries more rights than her. The prophet SAW said “Those who do not thank people do not thank Allah” [Abu Daud], yet this is applicable to both husband and wife. So if the husband has more responsibilities and should be thanked for it, Islam also encourages him to thank her for fulfilling her duties.

The eighth and last husband’s right in Islam is that the wife may not fast without his permission. The prophet SAW said “It is not lawful for a woman to fast while her husband is resident except with his permission” [Bukhari & Muslim]. But instead of abusing this right, please remember that eating together could be one of the most romantic scenes between husband and wife! So instead of dictating her not to fast,tell her lovingly that lunch is much more romantic when she’s sharing it with you!

To conclude,it took us four articles and nine rights to discuss the wife’s rights in Islam, as opposed to only two articles and eight rights for husbands. So if this tells us anything, it’s that husbands have a lot more to do for their wives before starting to complain.

May Allah SWT guide every husband and wife to know and abide by their rights, for the good of this nation. Ameen!

Husband’s Rights in Islam – Part 1


Just like a wife has rights over her husband in Islam, the husband has his rights too, which balance the love relationship. Those spouses’ rights are not meant to burden anyone of the two, but rather to boost their love and balance the relationship.

The first husband’s right in Islam is that of household head as Allah said “Men are in charge of women” (4:34), i.e. support and protection. However, when you come to think about this particular right outside the scope of spouses’ rivalry, you’d discover an amazing fact. Is being household head really a husband’s right in Islam, or rather a wife’s right?! Supporting and protecting her is her right not yours!

The husband’s right in being household head is restricted to “establish among them the law of Allah” as the prophet SAW explained. So obey him (your husband), as long as he obeys Allah, otherwise, he has no right to enforce anything on you and his household head status is void.

This takes us to the second husband’s right in Islam, that of being obeyed. In the same verse from Surah Al-Nisa’a, Allah SWT says “so virtuous women are the reverent ones, guarding behind their husbands the way Allah has decreed guarding” (4:34). Then the prophet SAW clarifies this obedience by “No obedience in what is sinful. Obedience is only in what is right” [Bukhari & Muslim].

Now let us assume a conflict arises between husband and wife regarding her parents, who should she obey? When asked who has the greatest right over a woman, the prophet SAW said “Her husband”, as for the man he SAW said “His mother” [Nasa'i]. Now does this mean that if a mother asks her son to divorce his wife he should obey her? Only if she’s an unchaste wife, otherwise, No! The sad truth here is that if both spouses know the real Islamic values and rights of parents in Islam, such conflicts would never arise.

The third husband’s right in Islam is that of intimate relation. The wife is obliged to respond whenever her husband calls her to bed. Don’t look for one excuse after the other whenever your husband calls you to bed, and then come complain that he’s interested in another woman!

The prophet SAW said “Whenever a man calls his wife for his desire, let her come to him even if she is occupied at the oven” [Tirmidhi]. Why else do you think the prophet SAW said that “the angels curse her until morning” [Bukhari] if she disobeys?! It ruins houses people! And please, whenever he calls you for his desire, ask for two minutes, and go take care of yourself and look sexy! He’s your husband!

To be resumed in shaa Allah in Part 2…

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